Hi, and welcome to my blog.  I started this when I was traveling round Europe in 2008 to keep the friends and family back home up to date on how my journey was progressing, and how my art work was going as I had an exhibition on my travels.  Unfortunately I'm not the best when it comes to regularly updating my web pages... but I am trying to get a little better at it.

Still please stay, have a look around and follow any of my links to view my artwork (and my sister, Kyley, link to see some amazing jewellery).

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's been a while

Just some wee pics of some of my work from 2009

Monday, December 8, 2008

Long time, no speak

Nagemist Tallinn : a quick update for the moment...Currently residing in Zagreb, Croatia.  It was two weeks of travel in an 1987 Yugo, via Helsinki, Finland - Rostock, Berlin, Leipzig & Dresdan, Germany - Prague & Brno, Czech Republic, Bratislava, Slovakia, and Budapest, Hungary, but we made it.

The reason for being so late with my post: accessing the internet's been a bugger... A bigger post to follow on each of these countries, with plenty more pics :)

Pic on 14 November 2008, from ferry, Tallinn - Helsinki

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Moskvitch in Havanna (we get ready for the opening)


A Moskvitch in Havanna


'Aia Q.U.R.K', 100x60cm, oil on canvas

'Aia Kumme Uheksa Viis' 100x60cm. oil on canvas

So the exhibitions up (opening was 16 October).  A rather late update to the blog, but my internet takes ages to upload my photos at the flat - currently holed up in a wee soviet tearoom on Narva Mnt stealing Reval Hotels wireless...much quicker.

The opening was good, if a little bit quiet, but I guess that's to be expected when in a city where no one knows you.  We did get some good feedback from the people at the Art Academy though.  Upon the arrival of Friday 31, I will have the 'enjoyable' task of dismantling the lot, to package it up and return it to those involved, who currently are all over the place like Amsterdam, Germany & Scotland.  So fingers crossed the lot gets to it's multitude of destinations safe and sound.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Red Tallinn

This week the weather has been great, colder than the July/August months, but very sunny :) and a little less nippy than it had gotten.  We went out Nava Mnt, onto Pirita Tee to Viimsi, north east of the city.  It is a beautiful wee place, quiet and very posh.  But the views of Tallinn from there are beautiful.

I took this photo from the very most northern point looking back on Tallinn on Wednesday night. 

And these were taken when I went on a bike ride out to Pirita beach on Thursday - I cycled about 15 miles, and I haven't been on a bit for about a year (walk a lot though).  But god does my ass not half hurt! :)